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DEMO Fall 2012
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Product Description
Solstice virtualizes displays into a single Pixel Landscape. Multiple users can share a single screen simultaneously using a range of devices and applications running on an existing IP network. Solstice also allows content to move easily from one screen to another. Solstice: display sharing made simple
Funding Round
Series B
Funding Details
IQT, Razor's Edge Ventures, Hopewell Ventures, Adena Ventures
No direct competitors
Market Opportunity
Over 12 trillion pixels are deployed around the world, yet accessibility and ease of use are constrained by current hardware requirements. With Solstice, multiple users can easily collaborate and share content on one or more displays. Solstice makes pixels accessible in an efficient and effective way.

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2399 Blake Street, Suite 100, Denver, CO 80205
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Rob Balgley - CEO
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