CallApp Software Ltd.

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DEMO Fall 2012
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Today, we connect with more people in more ways than ever before and there’s tons of information about everything and everyone all over the web. Even though we’ve got really cool smartphones, they do a really bad job of showing us what’s important in order to be more productive.
Funding Round
Funding Details
CallApp has raised over $1 million from its investors: Moshe Lichtman, the former president of Microsoft Israel R&D center, and Giza Venture Capital.
No direct competitor
Market Opportunity
CallApp provides information and tools you need to make better decisions and seize more exciting opportunities. It helps you avoid wasting time on calls that don’t matter and to become more productive on the ones that do.

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Even Gvirol 161, Tel-Aviv Israel 62033
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Oded Volovitz - CEO
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