Gravitational Systems Engineering, Inc.

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DEMO Fall 2012
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GSE manufacturers cutting edge grid independent industrial and municipal scale pumps, compressors, and crashers. Our devices are unique energy solutions that facilitate moving your traditional pumping or compression applications off the grid, and independent of fuel supplies or prices.
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Gravitational Systems Engineering, Inc. [GSE] is accepting equity from a maximum of 35 private investors to advance the development and sales of a series of traffic control devices, whose designs are the property of GSE. The legal arrangement for the acceptance of equity investments is as limited partners of iGSE equity partners (GSE-EP), who are issued shares of GSE common stock. Each limited partner, with equity exceeding $100,000, will have a seat on GSE-EP board of directors. GSE-EP partners controlling at least 10% of total equity will also be seated on the GSE board of directors.
Other renewable energy device providers, in combination with traditional pump manufacturers are our only competition. There is an Israeli company that is addressing the same market. While some large electronics firms are also experimenting with various forms, none have released products to our knowledge.
Market Opportunity
GSE is the market maker and key innovator of momentum powered equipment. Momentum power is the waste energy of heavy traffic flows. We can provide you with dense clean reliable power, with zero fuel or grid costs, from roadways, parking lots, and even shop floors.

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6400 Newman Rd.
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Gare Henderson - CEO
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