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DEMO Fall 2012
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Product Description
Tellagence successfully unites human behavioral science with genius-level computer science to account for future changes in online networks to predict behavior. Tellagence’s first product is able to truly predict the flow of content on Twitter by accounting for the constantly changing variables of individuals, relationships and the overall network.
Funding Round
Series A
Funding Details
Series A was approximately 900,000 from angel investors.
No direct competitors
Market Opportunity
The market is filled with social analytics companies that provide metrics but leave brands relying on intuition. They do three things wrong: rely on past behavior, exclude content, build algorithms not intended for online networks. Tellagence considers context, future behavior and their affects. Tellagence can predict online behavior.

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2828 SW Corbett Avenue, Suite 104, Portland, Oregon, 97201
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Matt Hixson - CEO and Co-founder
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