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DEMO Fall 2012
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SURE! (Sustainable Recognition) is a crowdsourced sustainability ranking for products, lifestyles, companies, cities, etc. Users earn and save money by being the most sustainable. SURE! interconnects all the pieces in your environment allowing everyone to benefit from others being more sustainable.
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Sustainable Reference has received: $450,000 in government-backed softloans; $230,000 in grants; $190,000 in loans; $130,000 in private investment. Due to its R&D activity it can deduct $126,000 in taxes.
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There are many sustainable certifications in the market but they apply to verticals and are easy to game. SURE! creates a common ground allowing to literally compare an organic apple with a city. It´s designed for organic international growth and it has 10 levels of quality control to minimize misrepresentation.

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181 Fremont St.,San Francisco, CA, 94105
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Andy Bäcker - CEO
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