Go Factory, LLC

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DEMO Fall 2012
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No existing apps reflect the natural process of meeting up, going out, and sharing an adventure. Go-Matic creates ad-hoc, ephemeral social networks in an easy, fun way that doesn’t get in the way of what you’re doing. Groups instantly share and record everything, creating great stories.
Funding Round
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Go Factory is self-funded.
Path, Pair, Kibits
Market Opportunity
Go-Matic offers brands the chance to directly participate in consumers' experiences and make them more fun and valuable. They can make a positive, lasting impression on consumers by helping them discover new things to do, providing special experiences and offers, and delivering great content, all in real time.

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2030 3RD St., Ste.14, San Francisco, CA, 94107
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Jeff Weitzman - CEO and Co-Founder
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