Social Bet Inc.

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DEMO Fall 2012
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Youbetme is a patented consumer technology platform developed in HTML 5 that allows anyone, anywhere on nearly any device to place a bet among friends through the web, smartphone apps or SMS. The technology tracks the bet from terms to payment and includes a community ratings system.
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Seed-level funding from two private angel investors and a New York-based venture capital fund, OmegaGE.
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Market Opportunity
How many of you in the last week said 'I’ll bet you'. We do it all the time. Was it a round of golf? This weekends’ football game? Everyone bets. Betting creates the exchange of billions of dollars and goods. Youbetme makes this everyday occurrence easier and fun.

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1912 Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, 94115
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Jason Neubauer - CEO & Co-founder
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