Prospective Plus (AlphaPitch)

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DEMO Fall 2012
Market Segment
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Product Description
Prospective Plus has developed a Common Job Application for recruiting entry level employees. Our application essentially acts as a pre-interview - consisting of the main application, references, and a culture fit component- and allows employers to cut their screening time significantly, hire more productive workers, and reduce turnover.
Funding Round
Funding Details
No direct competitors in the application-niche and college recruiting-niche. General competitors include applicant tracking systems and hiring solutions that companies are comfortable with.
Market Opportunity
Companies are realizing that they need more applicant information to screen applicants faster and they need to consider culture fit to reduce turnover and hire productive workers. Our application along with our strategic partnerships will provide a cost efficient alternative and improve their hiring process in this $24B market.

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729 Horsepound Road, Carmel, NY, 10512
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Phoebe Farber - Founder & CEO
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