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DEMO Fall 2013
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BedScales replaces your bathroom scales and analyses your sleep. Pressure pads go under the legs of your bed and weigh you every night, as well as recording your sleep. Data is automatically uploaded to the BedScales website, so you can see how your daily activities affect your sleep and weight.
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There are no competitors who do both weight and sleep together. Weight: Withings, FitBit, many others. Sleep: JawBone, FitBit, Beddit, various phone Apps.
Market Opportunity
The market for personal weighing includes every household with bathroom scales. There is an emerging market in personal sleep monitoring. This product fulfils both needs in the most labor-saving manner possible. It also meets the needs of the cross-cutting Quantified Self market for continuous monitoring and indefinite recording.

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5 Jupiter House Aldermaston
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