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DEMO Fall 2013
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Hello Doctor™ is a mobile application that enables you to better control your health by managing medical records from multiple sources. Organized in SmartLists ™,the simple navigation options provide you easy real-time access to all the information that will help you understand your medical condition.
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Private angels investors
Hello Doctor is the only tool that allows patients to store medical records from multiple sources and navigate in real time so that at the moment there are no direct competitors. There are indirect competitors that only allow patients to store their medical records - clinics patients’ portals, Microsoft Health Vault, Dropbox etc.
Market Opportunity
Patients in complex medical conditions (heart diseases, cancer etc.) actively collect and manage medical records from multiple sources. The only "real time tool" they have today is a binder, which creates confusion and frustration when they are requested to present critical medical records in real time to their doctors.

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9 Mazeh Street
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Maayan Cohen - CEO & Co-Founder
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Ziv Meltzer - CPO & Co-Founder
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