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DEMO Fall 2013
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Product Description
Discover and share content based on your unique personalized interests. Context provides a new way to discover content based on your location and social feeds, to share directly with people in your social graph, and browse the web on your mobile device. Finally, a personalized web on mobile.
Funding Round
Funding Details
Completely self-funded at this time.
Google Now, Dolphin Browser, Safari, Chrome, Google, Facebook & Twitter.
Market Opportunity
Content discovery apps today don't use your specific unique context. Mobile Browsers are simple ports of their desktop parents and don't allow you to share with friends with similar interests. Context uses your location and social graph to deliver a more relevant browse experience on mobile.

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22809 SE 287th Pl.
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Officer One
Jason Arbon - CEO & Co-Founder
Officer Two
Heidi Young - Co-Founder
Officer Three
Officer Four
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