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DEMO Fall 2013
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SupportPay by Ittavi is an automated child support payment platform for modern families currently exchanging child support – streamlining the complex, time-consuming and stressful process that impacts nearly 300 million parents worldwide. With SupportPay, parents spend less time managing child support and more time focused on raising happy, healthy children.
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Current investors include TEC Ventures & TAVentures
Spreadsheets, Our Family Wizard,
Market Opportunity
More than 298 million parents currently exchange over $990 billion dollars annually in child support – from monthly support payments to doctors’ bills, extracurricular activities, and much more. Yet there is no standard process or system in place to help families better manage this often frustrating, emotional, and conflict-ridden process.

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PO Box 4971
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Sheri Atwood - Founder & CEO
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