Oscar Tech, Inc

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DEMO Fall 2013
Market Segment
Funding Amount
Product Description
Oscar is an easy to use and durable communicator designed to keep elderly people in touch, informed, healthy and safe. Oscar helps elderly people to stay in touch with family, friends and caretakers via text messages, pictures and video chat.
Funding Round
Funding Details
$10,000 USD funded by private angel.
Claris Companion
Market Opportunity
There is a market size of 11 milion people 80 years old and over in USA. Most of elderly people who are not IT savvy feel lonesome, disconnected and uninformed. Their family members do not have enough time to visit them frequently and their friends might have mobility issues that makes visits difficult.

Company Contact

Company Address
Cambridge Innovation Center, One Broadway
Primary Phone
Officer One
Tomas Posker - CEO
Officer Two
Petr Adamik - Business Dev. Exec.
Officer Three
Officer Four
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