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DEMO Fall 2013
Market Segment
Funding Amount
Product Description
PointDrive is a sales-oriented application that helps professionals present content in a smarter, more polished way that, in turn, delivers customer insights and analytics. For the first time, professionals have a well-suited tool for delivering and tracking important content to prospects and customers
Funding Round
Funding Details
All funding to date has come from angel investors.
No direct competitors.
Market Opportunity
Sales people and professionals are forced to rely on email or sharing features inside of storage and collaboration tools to deliver content to their prospects and customers. By disconnecting messaging from content, deemphasizing the presentation component, and ignoring customer engagement, these methods do not effectively support the sales process.

Company Contact

Company Address
351 W. Hubbard Street Suite 305
Primary Phone
Officer One
Bill Burnett - CEO & Founder
Officer Two
Jim Smitley - CTO
Officer Three
Tim Swindle - Director of Marketing
Officer Four
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