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DEMO Fall 2013
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GuardRail is the QA Automation platform for DevOps. It allows IT application and operations teams to scan, compare and control their application configurations in the datacenter or cloud.
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ScriptRock received $25K in seed funding from Australian incubator Startmate in January 2012. In June 2012 we completed a seed round of $1.2M. Investors were Valar Ventures, 500 Startups, Square Peg Capital, Starfish Ventures, Citrix Accelerator, Scott Petry, Nassau Farms, Alan Jones, Harrison Miller, Matt Dickinson, Larry Marshall, Anthony Marcar and follow on from Startmate.
Tripwire, Tenable, HP, EMC
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Application owners have little visibility into, or control of, their application configuration. The benefits they've gained from adopting Agile practices are being undermined by this. They need GuardRail as it offers a simple platform for understanding, comparing and verifying configurations within and across their application environments.

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548 Market Street #38076
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