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DEMO Fall 2013
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Product Description
Shelfbucks aims to level the playing field between physical and online retail. We will revolutionize the brand-to-consumer channel through mobile.
Funding Round
Funding Details
Joshua Baer, Rob Taylor, Samir, Adams Ghosh, Jason Seats, Jeff Haynie, Andrew Busey, Ross Buhrdorf, Mario Feghali, Lukas Bouvrie, Brett Hurt, Capital, Factory Fund 4, Robert Fabbio, Angelos Angelou, Justin Schmidt, Carl Shepherd, Dean Schmidt, Dan Hickox, Robert Price, Chad DeKing, Todd Alonzo, Jean Ellefson, Drew Berlas, Bill Martin, Ron Landry, Mike Clifford, Ben VerHalen
No direct competitors.
Market Opportunity
Both brands and retailers share common goals: please the customer and encourage a purchase. Customers already have their mobile phone device in their hands. Shelfbucks uses the power of mobile technology to improve the customer experience with a simple tap.

Company Contact

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200 Academy Drive, Suite 160
Primary Phone
Officer One
Erik McMillan - CEO
Officer Two
Brett Hurt - Executive Chairman of the Board
Officer Three
Officer Four
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