Ve-Go Mobile Apps, Inc.

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DEMO Fall 2013
Market Segment
Funding Amount
Product Description
Ve-Go is a mobile-first, cloud-based distribution platform focused on the hospitality industry. Ve-Go delivers a mobile solution to increase guest satisfaction and profitability for hotel owners & operators. Ve-Go provides industry-leading functionality offering real-time, meaningful interactions between hotels and their mobile travelers.
Funding Round
Funding Details
$400,000 - Friends & Family Seed Round
No direct competitors providing hotels with direct distribution platform & integrated-mobile services in a single, complete solution.
Market Opportunity
Today, hotel owners & operators are in search of mobile application providers to better serve the technology needs of their mobile travelers. Ve-Go delivers a cloud-based mobile solution to increase guest satisfaction & profitability by allowing travelers to control their entire stay from their mobile device.

Company Contact

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215 W Washington St. #2703
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Officer One
Vikas Bhakta - Founder & CEO
Officer Two
Alan Stevens - CTO
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Officer Four
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