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DEMO Fall 2013
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Early Warning and Prevention System – Quasi-Real Time, Data-Driven Root Cause Analytical Software for Manufacturing. Non-statistical algorithms developed over a decade of academic research, especially designed for incomplete and dirty data and obviates the need for hypotheses.
Funding Round
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Funding has been obtained from the management team ($150k), an early-stage venture capital company ($225k) as well as two government grants (total $450k)
There are no direct competitors. Currently root cause analysis is a highly skilled, manual task performed by expert 'six sigma' engineers using a plethora of sophisticated statistical tools and quality techniques. SigmaGuardian obviates the need for hypotheses and resolves issues automatically from the data.
Market Opportunity
Poor Quality in manufacturing is over $1 trillion annually, one of the largest costs of manufacturing (up to 30% of revenue). By reducing defects, businesses can save cost, speed up product launches, reduce waste, improve safety (e.g. cars, planes etc.) and protect their brands from high-profile recalls.

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Capital Tower, 91 Waterloo Road
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Mark Hardy - Chairman
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Dan Somers - CEO
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