Queue Technologies

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DEMO Enterprise 2014
Market Segment
Advertising + Marketing
Funding Amount
Product Description
Introducing Smart Lines for powering the future of demand retail and engagement marketing. The more you share, refer, and engage, the further up the line you move. Create and manage demand smarter.
Funding Round
Funding Details
We are primarily self-funding along with a few select angels who participated in an early round.
No direct competitors. Custom agency campaigns, enterprise marketing clouds, and social networks.
Market Opportunity
Pre-retail sales and digital advertising is a 52B market today and is expected to explode as brands start testing and marketing new product concepts through pre-sales and brand engagement campaigns.

Company Contact

Company Address
600 Harrison St., 4th Floor
Primary Phone
Officer One
Joe Sanchis - CEO & Co-Founder
Officer Two
Darren Luvaas - Co-Founder
Officer Three
Javier Muniz - Board Director
Officer Four
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