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DEMO Spring 2012
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Fooya is the world's first game built on the principles of "learnification" discovered by FriendsLearn. It is a 3D food fight that enhances our user's understanding about the intricacies of diet, health and wellness.
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Bhargav: FriendsLearn brings together a proven team, patented technologies and a revenue generating business. There are very few social gaming companies that combine educational objectives with user engagement. We also have a strong brand that is backed by our track-record in delivering success through educational games. As the company chosen by the U.S. Department of State to create the official product that attracts all international students to the U.S. every year, we now have a unique platform, with access to our existing user base of several million users around the world. We are already building on this momentum. However, given our direct-to-consumer distribution channel, we compete with all social gaming companies and that is a pretty crowded space.
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According to NextUpResearch - the global market for educational gaming is a $3.7 billion a year market in 2012 growing at 35% a year.

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3130 Rubino Drive #117 San Jose, CA 95125
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Bhargav Sri Prakash - Founder
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