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DEMO Fall 2012
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Using the iBuildApp platform, anyone can build, test, and publish extension modules for mobile applications at Developer portal. Starting October 2, extensions developed may be sold to other businesses or mobile app builders in the marketplace
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raised $375K
No direct competitors where no coding required appcelerator with its marketplace is for developers Verio doesn't have automated app building engine to put an app in minutes there are 10-15 DYI app building companies but none of them has mobile components marketplace
Market Opportunity
Until iBuildApp launched their PaaS, every app developer was reinventing basic building blocks. There was an obvious need for a middleware, app platform for mobile apps that has the basic building blocks. In addition, there is no mobile app development community that uses crowdsourcing approach so far.

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1065 E. hillsdale blvd, suite 305, Foster City, CA 94404
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Rafael Soultanov - CEO
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